Yuba comes of age in the Bay Area, San Francisco chronicle

Over a decade ago, when chef Daniel Patterson professed his love for yuba to the world, Hodo Soy’s Minh Tsai — at the time, the only producer of fresh yuba in the U.S. — was not prepared for the surge in interest that followed.

Patterson, the chef-owner of Coi, had recently returned from a trip to Japan, where he experienced yuba, also known as tofu skin. He developed a sort of obsession with the stuff. And after several failed attempts to put it on the menu at Coi, he reached out to Tsai for guidance, and later wrote about the experience in the New York Times.

“We got dozens of phone calls from chefs asking us if we could make yuba for them after that, but we didn’t even have a factory up and running at that point,” says Tsai, owner of the fast-growing Oakland beanery. Tsai got his start selling tofu and soy milk at farmers’ markets around the Bay Area in 2004. Recognizing the interest, he carved out a small space in his factory to make yuba, though tofu remained his primary focus.

recipe for success, Marin Magazine

When David Irmer, longtime Marin resident and business owner, walks into Sausalito’s Poggio Trattoria once a week for lunch, he feels like he’s coming home. “Every single time I walk in the door, they treat me like family,” says Irmer, a regular at a handful of Marin restaurants. “It’s really special.”

That’s exactly what Poggio is going for. It’s one of dozens of local eateries that have managed to not only maintain a steady business, but grow it over the decades into a place with staying power. Despite the vagaries of economic climate, competition and consumer tastes, they’re still going strong, keeping regulars happy and attracting new clientele...

Why Sebastopol Is the Perfect Bohemian Small Town, Where Traveler Magazine

Just about an hour north of San Francisco by car, the under-the-radar town of Sebastopol in western Sonoma County makes a compelling day trip. The community-minded town has great food, wine and art, all three of which can be enjoyed in a former apple processing plant turned giant maker hub in the middle of town...