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improving company culture with food: 5 ideas for your office, Ezcater

It might be notoriously difficult to describe, analyze or even alter, but company culture is critical to the success of any business. Your company culture reflects your organization’s vision, values, and goals. And, it’s a great aid in recruiting and retaining top talent. 

Improving your company culture can happen in a lot of different ways. But if you haven’t thought about using food as a tool, it’s time to start. On the simplest level, a catered lunch gives your team a reason to get excited for meetings. A themed companywide dinner party fosters collaboration. If you’re well-fed, you’re ready to generate new ideas for big projects or business leads. 

Here are a few new ideas to build and improve company culture with food...

meet our chef, Sun basket

Chef Justine Kelly cooks real, wholesome and truly inspired food. It's the kind of food she learned from her pops during weeknight family dinners and what she cooks for her daughter after school. It's the kind that comes from her experiences honed over two decades in professional kitchens with the best Bay Area chefs blazing the path in the local food movement.

As the executive chef of Sun Basket, every week Justine Kelly crafts deceptively simple and delicious recipes and sources the best ingredients for each week's meal baskets. Known for her longstanding role as the corporate chef de cuisine at San Francisco's famous Slanted Door restaurant, Chef Justine's many accolades include mentions in Gourmet Magazine and an appearance on Iron Chef. Throughout her career, she has become a champion of delicious, wholesome cooking featuring the best sustainably-sourced produce, seafoods, and meats, all of which are brightened with unique ingredients and spices from around the world...

customer success story: why i started drinking bone broth, Kettle & fire

I’m generally a healthy person. And when I’m growing a person, I’m an extremely healthy person.

While I haven’t been as strict about my diet and exercise regimen in my second pregnancy as I was in my first, there are a few things that have remained consistent: I eat my greens. I take my vitamins. I get my two servings of fish per week. And I drink my bone broth...